While cardio is still the go-to for people starting out, adding a bit of strength training to your routine can only help with your goals. Always remember that muscle burns fat, so the more muscle you work on, the faster you will burn fat. If you are doing a lot of cardio, be sure to throw in some strength training even if it is just to tone up and return the elasticity to any loose skin you may have from losing weight.

Traditional Weight Options

Traditionally strength training is done with body weight exercises. There are normally nice functional moves that will strengthen muscles you use in everyday things. If you want to up the experiences, then you can try lifting weights. If you are just looking to tone up, keep your sets to two or three, and your repetitions high. If you are looking to build muscle, up your sets and lower your repetitions. Pilates is also a great way to build your core muscles and a great add-on class to any training programme.

Something Different

If weights and sit-ups are not for you, there are a few alternative bodyweight options you can try. Acrobatics, gymnastics and pole fitness are all on the rise as alternative strength training. All three will give your flexibility a great boost as well as give you a fantastic all round, full body work out. Yoga is also a great exercise if you want to work your muscles and improve your flexibility. Strength and flexibility go hand and hand – they complement each other hugely.

Extreme Weights

If you want to push your body to its extremes, then you can look at powerlifting or bodybuilding. These often also require supplements to be added to your diet if you want to compete in this area, as they push your muscles to the maximum.