Yoga is fast becoming one of the most popular cures for almost anything. Yoga can be used to increase flexibility and strengthen muscles, as well as for injury recovery. It is also being used more and more to help with relaxation and helping people to deal with the stress of everyday life. There are yoga retreats all over the world where you can spend time de-stressing and learning how to breathe, and coping mechanisms to deal with your daily stresses.

Yoga in its earliest forms was started in India more than 5 000 years ago, and it is focused on bringing the body and mind together in healthy living. Yoga is practiced all over the world and is not confined to any community or belief system. Anyone who wants to try yoga can benefit from it.

There are many different types of yoga, and not everyone is suited to all types. It is a good idea to try a couple of different kinds to find out which one will be the most beneficial to you- don’t panic about the vast range available, do some research and attend some classes and you will know very quickly which kinds you like and which you don’t.

We will cover some of the basics of yoga here, as well as a brief look into some of the most popular forms. You will also find some tips on practising mindfulness, how to relax and deal with your stress as well as some basic information on exercising and taking care of yourself.